Guide to Endow Real Estate to Labuan Private Foundation

Founder can endow anytime for the real estates which owned by him into his Labuan Private Foundation in three (3) simple steps. The assets can be anything from movable to immovable. The dateline to endow for real estate is within 60 days from date of purchase. Besides the offshore assets, it is also permissible for Founder to endow different classes of Malaysia real estates, land, apartments, buildings into his foundation anytime. He need to apply to transfer from his current ownership to the Labuan Private Foundation with application for consent from Malaysia's land offices. Once the land office consent is obtained, the Labuan Private Foundation with be the legal owner of the assets. 

3 simple process steps guide to endow real estate into Labuan Private Foundation:

Guide to Endow Real Estate to Labuan Private Foundation

The above guide to endow real estate into Labuan Private Foundation is only applicable to Malaysia assets. Only Malaysia properties required permission from Labuan FSA. All offshore worldwide real estates acquisitions and endowment do not require permission from Labuan FSA.

List documents for any real estate endowment into the Labuan Private Foundation as follows:

1. Sales and Purchase Agreement
2. Property Title
3. All the Payment Receipts of the Purchase

Once the assets are endowed into the Foundation, they becomes the legal owner of the assets. Labuan Foundation is a separate legal entity which is the separate ownership with the founder. The management of the assets are done by the Foundation's council members and/or officer, which can be supervised by the Supervisory Person (optional position) appointed by Founder. Upon dissolving or closure of the Foundation, the distribution is supervised by the Officer. Officer is also the person to manage day to day affairs of the Foundation, to ensure all in order to meet the compliance of relevant authorities namely Labuan FSA, Inland Revenue Board, etc.

Guide to Endow Real Estate to Labuan Private Foundation
Guide to Endow Real Estate to Labuan Private Foundation
Guide to Endow Real Estate to Labuan Private Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions of Property Endowment and Purchase

Can Malaysia founder endow Malaysian properties into the Foundation?
What is the minimum price to purchase Malaysia property under Labuan Foundaiton which owned by foreigners?

The price shall follow the ruling set by Economic Planning Unit which varies from states to states. The price same applies to all foreigners of individual or corporate as follows:

What happen when the property in endowed into the Foundation?

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How long does it takes to endow the property?

For overseas properties, it will take about 2 to 3 weeks, while Malaysia properties will take approx. 3 to 4 weeks.

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