Why Do Many Now Choose Labuan Jurisdiction for Wealth Succession?

  • Asia only one jurisdiction with Foundation Act protection!
  • No need license to operate!
  • Low initial endowment only USD1!
  • Perceptual or limited time of your choice!
  • Law suits from creditors and matrimonial dispute shield after 2 years!
  • Can endow any movable and immovable assets including Malaysia Real Estate!
  • Flexible in setting up with minimal requirements!
  • Easy accessible and manage because Labuan location is within reach!
  • Tax exempt on distribution to beneficiaries!
  • Dual use for private wealth management and charitable cause!

Why is Labuan Private Foundation So Special?

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OECD introducing Common Reporting System particularly targeting Trust vehicle for greater tax transparency of settlor, beneficiaries, protectors and trustees. What is the better solutions to overcome if you have a Trust structure? How can Labuan Private Foundation assists?

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Labuan Private Foundation for Managing Your Personal Wealth!

7 good reasons why you should have a private foundation if anything happen to you…

  • I want to ensure my children have my wealth easy without need to go to court
  • I want to have my young children life managed by the Foundation on regular income distribution and their welfare being take care off include their day to day living
  • I want to invest in peace for worldwide properties knowing that all my assets can be easily discovered by my beneficiaries without any delay and need not go thru various courts in different jurisdictions
  • I want to ensure all my businesses undistrupted at all times
  • I want my wealth to be preserved and able to continue manage well to few generations
  • I want my wealth to be able to carrying on charitable causes on its own
  • I want to have different parties as my beneficiaries of my choice anytime for my wealth distribution, with simple change of documents
  • I want the distribution of my assets to my beneficiaries with free of taxes.

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Labuan Private Foundation for Your Real Estate Investment!

Real estate investment is one of the best investment class to diversify your wealth for growth! Using Labuan Private Foundation is the smarter way for assets protection especially when you intend to have an overseas investment spree. Proper planning provide you an unanimously amount of peace of mind with clear exit strategy! Free yourself and beneficiaries from local law and regulations of the different jurisdictions during the claim of assets! The inheritance law of each country varies on treatment towards foreigners which may be very difficult to understand. 

Just imagine for a second, you invested under your individual name:

2 properties in Malaysia, 3 in Australia and 1 in Hong Kong.

Imagine again, if anything happen to you, will your beneficiaries able to easily claim the assets from these countries? They will have to run thru many legal proceedings, likely going thru years of anxiety just to claim what you have invested purportedly to make some extra wealth. Peace of mind is all we need along in the way our investment journey!

Extra ordinary living starts with good planning!

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