With massive wealth has been easily created worldwide, HNWI individuals are on the look out for better jurisdiction to provide the one stop solutions for their wealth which has been created overseas. This is also to better manage different jurisdictions of different legislations and taxes on inheritance and other dues.

Labuan Private Foundation is the one in Asia with own legislation, Labuan Foundation Act and it is by far one  of the best vehicle for wealth protection and succession in Asia. Not only it is protected by the Act, the founders  can also enjoy zero tax with low cost to operate with the Labuan Private Foundation. Labuan Private Foundation is flexible where founders can be individual, corporate or trustees entity while the beneficiaries can also be either anyone including family members, corporate or charitable organisations.

Overseas Businesses Profit Lock In For Succession with Labuan Private Foundation

Entrepreneurs are energetic breeds and risk takers. With Labuan Private Foundation, their risk can be hugely reduced with parking all their ownership on companies and shares in the vehicle for wealth succession  should anything happen to them.                      

Labuan Foundation For Company

Overseas Assets Lock In for Protection with Labuan Private Foundation

Assets purchased or invested funnel to the Labuan Private Foundation will be able to lock in for protection acting as a safe deposit. This vehicle enables claims to be easily organised and managed.

Labuan Foundation Structure

Leaving Behind My Legacy For Philanthropic Causes

With Labuan Private Foundation vehicle can be beneficiary of the insurance policies, one can  continue to prosper his/her wishes on philanthropic initiatives after his demised. Labuan Private Foundation helps to fulfill the wish to leave behind a legacy for generations to come to carry a good cause for the humanity.

Labuan Foundation Structure

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