Complete Guide to Start Labuan Foundation

In Asia, the most common vehicle use for wealth management is Trust. With Common Reporting System (CRS) implementation by financial institutions, all your personal information will have to be reported. It is a better choice to use Labuan Private Foundation a hybrid between a Trust and company in which you as founder have full control rather than Trustee which may be vulnerable to authorities holding too many assets which may leads to investigations that will affect your Trust holding with them.Complete Guide to Start Labuan FoundationWe made easy for everyone to own and manage their Labuan Private Foundation! Wealth is yours, manage the way you like as you please at a affordable cost from set up to annual  maintenance! You do not need to be as rich as Bill Gates and need to assign your assets to others to manage your wealth. Have a full control, navigate and feel free any changes as you wish!

As your wealth grow, it is practical and cost effective to start a Labuan Foundation to serve as the wealth management tool acting as a “safe deposit box” for your businesses and assets.

Labuan Private Foundation is a legal entity and any insolvency of the beneficiaries will not affected. The foundation allows you to keep all types of assets such as real estate, yachts, art piece, cash including shares investment in all businesses which you own worldwide. 

Complete Guide to Start Labuan Foundation

CP Trust does not manage assets. We will work closely with the trusted financial advisor you designate, and share our expertise on special considerations that affect assets within the Labuan Private Foundation.

Our team serve as your virtual staff to take care the tedious, yet necessary chores that keep your Foundation runs smoothly and compliant.

To get started, four (4) keys questions to guide you and ensure the Labuan Foundation is the right vehicle to meet your objectives:

1. The purpose

2. Current assets and potential future list

3. Beneficiaries

4. Personal wish

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Purpose of Set Up:


Founder Nationality or Country of Registration

What is your objectives to achieve for setting up the Foundation?

Currently do you have any Foundation set up in other Jurisdiction?

Is your current Foundation to be re domiciled to Labuan?

Other information to send us: